Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću


Marijan Richter

Dr. art. Marijan Richter, painter, essayist and art educator, is an associate professor at The Department of Teacher Studies in Gospić, University of Zadar, where he holds a course in Fine Arts Methodology, Researching Children's Art, Animated Film, Comics and Illustration, Contemporary Media.

The key thesis and motto of his method is that the creativity of pupils is preceded by the teacher's creativity, which is acquired by practical art researchers in the course of teacher’s study. He writes and publishe scientific papers on this. In Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, original scientific papers in the field of art and visual pedagogy was published. He spoke about the methods of motivation for creative art work at the Paris Descartes University in France, and he has already had related topics at symposia in Osijek, Opatija, Poreč, Gospić.

He has participated in university events with his students, he is a mentor of research that resulted in the exhibition of student works: "City Image - City as Image" (Lika Museum at Gospić, Exhibition Space "Bridge" at University of Zadar, Vladimir Nazor Library in Zagreb); The Discovery of Art in Visuality (KIC Gospić, Pedagogical University of Maribor, Vladimir Nazor Library in Zagreb); Color - Lost and Found (Lika Museum at Gospić, Exhibition Space “Bridge” at University of Zadar, Vladimir Nazor Library in Zagreb); Third Man - Second Frame (KIC Gospić).

He has participated in more than eighty exhibitions at home and abroad, of which he has exhibited forty times at solo exibition. He was a resident at Cite international des arts in Paris and Hafenkobinat in Leipzig. In the professional journals and on the 3rd program of Croatian radio, essays and scientific-artistic studies are published: Room as the epiphany of space, Picture after painted picture, Teaching visual art: From the innocent eye to immersiveness and Vice Versa, Strategies of imitation, The prosody of commencing, etc.

He is the author of the art-scientific book The Painting Between Image and Gaze, published by ArTresor with the financial support of the Ministry of Knowledge.

Several television pieces have been recorded about his art work (Painting the Photography, TV Exhibition).

The Richter monograph by Margarita Svestarov Šimat, published by ArTresor, was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.


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