Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću

Ulica dr. Ante Starčević 12

Gospić 53000


URL: http://www.unizd.hr/nstgospic/Home/tabid/3432/Default.aspx


In its long tradition, the teacher study in Gospić has become a recognizable and desirable higher education institution, from which many generations of quality teachers have emerged, both for the needs of our community and for Croatia as a whole. In addition to pursuing higher education, we can also highlight the multiple cultural, scientific, artistic and professional activities that take place.

The Department of Teacher Education Studies is the only remotely located department of the University of Zadar. It is situated in Gospić, the administrative, cultural and educational center of Lika-Senj County, at the address Ulica dr. Ante Starčevića 12.

The Department has a century of heritage in terms of teacher education in Gospić and Lika. In 1919, the State Teacher Education School commenced its work in Gospić, and the Department continues its teacher education mission today, nurturing the teaching, cultural, scientific and artistic activities.

The Department offers an integrated undergraduate and graduate university teacher education study program, with the module of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Having completed this educational cycle, graduates gain the title of Masters of Primary Education and are prepared to work in primary education as well as to continue their own studies.

The Department has 16 employed teachers: 4 associate professors, 6 docents, 3 senior lecturers and 3 collaborative teachers: 2 assistants and 1 postdoc. In addition to the teachers that comprise the Department’s staff, teachers from other departments of the University, in particular from the Department of Teacher Education and Educator Training and several external associates, are engaged in the teaching as needed.

There are 9 staff members employed at the Department for administrative and maintenance work. Through their conscientious work engagement, employees of the administrative and technical departments contribute to the quality of the overall activity of the Department.

Since 2001, the Department has hosted the traditional Days of Šime and Ante Starčević, which is a scientific and professional conference with international participation. The Conference takes place in May in commemoration of the birthday of Ante Starčević and the Day of the Lika-Senj County.


The study program for teachers conducted at the Department of Teacher Education Studies in Gospić

The program is located within the area of Interdisciplinary Science in the field of Educational Science.

Graduates can:

  • critically evaluate different sources of knowledge in the field of education
  • use computer technology to create and format text and images, and to communicate
  • apply standard language norms at all levels (spelling, orthographic, grammatical, lexical and stylistic)
  • communicate in writing or spoken form in their native language and one foreign language
  • explain the pedagogical aspect of children's literature and the correlation with other areas of educational work
  • define and apply elementary mathematical definitions, procedures and concepts in the methodical design of mathematical contents according to the prescribed curriculum for lower grades of primary school
  • define and apply elementary science concepts in the methodological design of the content of teaching natural sciences according to the prescribed curriculum for lower grades of primary school
  • communicate mathematically, logically conclude, and argue their own mathematical ideas within elementary mathematics
  • describe and demonstrate kinesiological operators in order to improve the students' motor, functional and cognitive ability
  • apply different teaching methods depending on the child's capabilities and developmental dimension
  • manage the teaching process in changing conditions, respecting pedagogical principles and the principles of diversity
  • articulate and analyze lessons of the Croatian language, mathematics, natural sciences, physical education, art and musical cultures according to the prescribed curriculum for the lower grades of primary school.
  • organize activities in order to involve parents in the upbringing and education of their children

- apply principles of human rights, democratic values, diversity, social sensitivity and tolerance in working with children

  • recognize the specific needs of students, which are conditioned by their diversity and specificity at the individual level
  • conduct research in order to improve the profession, respecting the Code of Ethics for Research with Children
  • organize and conduct various extracurricular activities
  • apply practical knowledge and skills in the realization of musical activities (singing, playing, listening to music and musical creativity)
  • create a learning context that is centered around the learner, respecting individual student characteristics and characteristics of development
  • demonstrate commitment in promoting learning, positive expectations from students, professionalism
  • critically assess and evaluate their own work (teaching, managing classroom activities, assessing student knowledge).

The following modules provide students with additional teaching competences:

A1 module of the Croatian Language and Literature:

Identify and analyze contents of national and world literature through historical periods, and articulate the Croatian language and literature lessons in primary school.

A2 Art module:

Describe and apply various media and techniques of visual arts, and articulate art lessons in primary school.

A3 module on Cultural and Natural Heritage:

Plan and deliver classes on cultural and natural heritage that are in the school curriculum for the first educational cycle, including the possibility of realizing the content from the module of homeland lessons abroad.