Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću

Teachers of the Department of Teacher Studies in Gospić

The Department has 16 employed teachers: 4 associate professors, 6 docents, 3 senior lecturers and 3 collaborative teachers: 2 assistants and 1 postdoc. In addition to the teachers that comprise the Department’s staff, teachers from other departments of the University, in particular from the Department of Teacher Education and Educator Training and several external associates, are engaged in the teaching as needed.

Teachers at the Department of Teacher Studies in Gospić have also realized several international forms of mobility. The Office for International Cooperation of the University of Zadar informs the academic community of opportunities for participating in mobility programs, administers outgoing mobility for students and staff, and provides them with information on mobility opportunities.

Given that teacher training is interdisciplinary, scientific and artistic, activities span throughout several scientific and artistic fields: humanistic, social, interdisciplinary, natural sciences and art (visual arts and music) in which the criteria of scientific and artistic evaluation are different. Teacher's scientific and artistic activity is monitored through participation in scientific and artistic projects, participation in international scientific conferences at home and abroad, (co)organization of domestic scientific conferences and doctoral schools, publication of scientific papers, exhibitions, concerts and other scientific and artistic activities. Collaborative employees are also monitored through a system of appointment of departmental mentors who evaluate the work of assistants once a year, according to the Rules on the evaluation of the work of assistants, postdoctoral students and mentors of the University of Zadar. Each year, the Expert Council of the Department develops a one-year Scientific and Artistic Activity Plan and adopts the Report on the realization of the scientific and artistic plan for the previous year.