Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću

The student choir Degenija

Within curricular and extracurricular activities, a large number of students are engaged in the activities of the student choir Degenija, who presents, in the best light, the rich musical repertoire of the Department to the cultural public. Degenija, the singing choir, was founded in the fall of 2012. Tvrtko Sarić, the professor of a number of music courses at the Department is the founder and leader of the choir. In a relatively short time, the choire has made several solo appearances: Gospić, Zadar, Čakovec, Varaždin, Otočac, Perušić and Smiljan. In 2016, the choir was on a successful international tour where they presented their program to related colleges in Zagreb, Maribor and Ljubljana. This resulted in continued cooperation and guest visits by students and teachers from Maribor and Zagreb to Gospic.