Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću


Ines Cvitković-Kalanjoš

dr.sc. Ines Cvitković Kalanjoš was born 17.12.1982. in Rijeka. He lives in Novi Vinodolski. He attended the elementary and elementary music school of Ivan Mažuranić in Novi Vinodolski and the Ivan Matetić-Ronjgova secondary Music School in Rijeka, the direction of instrumentalist-accordionist in the class of prof. Dražen Košmerl, where she achieved the observed results by regional and International competitions. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula, the "Arrangement for accordion ensembles" Music department in the class of Full Profesor Bashkim A. Shehua and acquired the title of the music culture professor. In 2017, she defended her doctoral dissertation titled " Music of the Roms in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and the Possibilities of Using Music of the Roms in the Pedagogical Process in Croatia" at the Univerzity of Ljubljana, Department of Musicology, direction Ethnomusicology by mentor Full Professor Svanibor Pettan. She worked as a teacher of musical culture in elementary school, a piano teacher in elementary music school and as a professor of musical art in high school. From 2008. she is employed as a teacher of solfeggio, accordion and piano in the O. Š. Dr. Jure Turić in Gospić and at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka, Department of Teacher Education Studies in Gospić as an expert associate – head of exercises from Methodics of Music Culture. From 2010. she was an associate in a cooperative profession and an assistant in the Artistic field, a field of musical art at the same faculty and later in the Department of Teacher Education Studies in Gospić University of Zadar. From 2018. she was selected in the collaborative profession and postdoctoral researcher for the humanistic area, the field of science of art, branches of musicology and ethnomusicology at the Department for Teacher Education Studies in Gospić University of Zadar and teaches courses from Methodics of Teaching Music Culture, I, II, III, Music Practicum I, II and Croatian traditional music. She is the author of several articles and regularly participates in scientific conferences in the country and abroad.


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